Artistic Murals Presents Craig and Gayle Mountain's

Master bedroom and swimming pool grotto murals: 


Some people enjoy flying planes, some enjoy fishing, others enjoy hobbies like collecting Koi  fish, while still others enjoy living on the edge by loving one of the toughest sports on earth:


Once in a while one might have the opportunity to meet an individual that enjoys all of the above, when this happens a whole new world opens up for someone like myself to enjoy!  My Dad and brother are both pilots, so having a passion for flying planes is something I truly understand, however the only time I've seen an abundance of coy fish was when I was working at a hotel art gallery in Hawaii.  They are magnificent fish and Craig and Gayle's fish are well cared for and loved!  Incidentally, Craig is also a deep sea angler with a few nice wall trophies that I enjoy looking at. One reminds me of a fish my ex and I caught in Acapulco.  It was a beauty!  Craig and his lovely wife have another passion that I consider slightly unusual. They love watching Bull Riding!  So much so that I am painting a bull rider on their Master Bedroom wall and I must say that I'm having the time of my life trying to make the bull look mean and ugly.  Normally I would have shown the beginning stages of this mural, only unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I lost all the photographs, so instead you will see the mural at its halfway point.  In addition to this mural, I painted a 6x6' swimming pool grotto wall and a clay pot.    

Entire wall.jpg (217592 bytes)

Craig's Bull Mountain:  The beginning photographs of this mural were lost when my hard drive crashed in my last new computer.  I've gone through 3 computers in the past month...yet I love technology and wouldn't trade it for the world! 


Gayle's view c.jpg (137755 bytes)  Gayle's side of the room             Craig's Bull c.jpg (155303 bytes)  Craig's side of the room
Mountain's Bulls.jpg (241562 bytes) The second to the last day.  
Mountains_Mural_left_side.jpg (42283 bytes)     John Deer Tractor c.jpg (248970 bytes)      bottom_right_c.jpg (35498 bytes)      right_corner_c.jpg (38305 bytes)      left bottom c.jpg (278163 bytes)  

center left c.jpg (118701 bytes)     Mountain's mural r side.jpg (117635 bytes)     left side c.jpg (103406 bytes)  The last day    

What an amazing experience its been painting for Gayle and Craig.  I've truly enjoyed the journey! I've also enjoyed pushing the mural beyond my normal limits.  As it grew in content, it was a rewarding challenge to pull it all together so that all the elements somehow worked as a unit. I appreciate you Craig for helping me expand my mind. You both have been wonderful to paint for!  

PS  In case you are wondering, my photo's of Little Yellow Jacket came out blurry.  Geez, it looks like I'll have to come back....

Manatees c.JPG (224852 bytes)Grotto Mural day 2    

Mountain's Grotto.JPG (210351 bytes)     manatees grotto c.jpg (131190 bytes)     full grotto.jpg (93472 bytes)Finale day

The planter c.jpg (265432 bytes)  Planter

An uninvited guest c.JPG (293951 bytes) This little guy kept swimming onto the Grotto platform, which was a little unnerving and very distracting.   
fish.jpg (212013 bytes)      fish in pond.jpg (292303 bytes)       more fish.jpg (163595 bytes)      

poof the cat.jpg (151527 bytes) My little buddy that greets me each morning.