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Artistic Murals Signs:                                                           

KOA Fiesta Key, Florida             

Custom Signs:

Fiesta Key Signs with Tamara.jpg (65796 bytes) Fiesta Key Signs with Tamara (2).jpg (64838 bytes) Fiesta Key Signs with Tamara (4).jpg (56844 bytes) Fiesta Key Signs with Tamara (8).jpg (43087 bytes)


"Beach House Grill & Pub" 

The "Beach House Grill & Pub" finished sign; a great place to meet friends, enjoy great music

and dancing under the beautiful tropical moonlight on the beach.


KOA_March_2003_064_copy.jpg (87945 bytes) KOA  Beach House Sign March 2003 048.jpg (753443 bytes) Beach_House_Sign_copy.jpg (83351 bytes) KOA Sign on BHGP March 2003 001.jpg (484293 bytes)



KOA BHGP detail 025.jpg (256225 bytes) KOA March 2003 042  copy.jpg (484521 bytes) KOA March 2003 045 copy.jpg (502927 bytes) KOA detail of BHGP sign 044.jpg (469467 bytes)

Beach House Grill & Pub sign


Fiesta Key Marina Signs: Acrylic on Board

Marina Sign copy.jpg (87276 bytes) Marina Grouper Detail copy.jpg (63736 bytes) Marina Sign detail copy.jpg (70635 bytes) Marina Sign copy right bottom.jpg (83348 bytes) Mounted Marina Sign copy.jpg (43571 bytes)



Marina Sign copy.jpg (384985 bytes)



Tom & Stacie at Tom's B-Party.jpg (66062 bytes)      Tom's B-Party Stacie, Sheila, Larry.jpg (74416 bytes)      

Tom's Birthday Party!   AKA "The Board Meeting"

Special Note Of Gratitude:

My deepest gratitude to KOA Manager Tom Brooks and his lovely wife Stacey, for their gracious hospitality 

and for hiring me to paint murals around the pool area and the entryway sign at Fiesta Key, KOA Campground.  

I also thank my brother Larry Gerkin and sister-in-law, Sheila, for making it possible for Tom & Stacie to see my 

artwork prior to hiring me.  Without your introduction, the pool walls would still be pure white.  Working at KOA 

has proven to be a wonderful experience that I will treasure always.  Not only do I live in Paradise while Iím there, 

but I also have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know KOA staff members and a multitude of interestingly fun 

guests!  I hope that my artwork brings all of you as much joy as you have brought to me.  Thank you for enriching my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hugs & Smiles,