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Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin 

"Hyla US Corporation dome and wall murals"

The Hyla Corporation, Pompano Beach, FL:  

To Filiz and Hartmut Gassman and their employees... I appreciate you for making my time at your company, a memorable one.   Filiz, you are a very special lady and I was always treasure my memories of us up on the scaffold each morning before our day began. 

  close up of window piece copy.jpg (350990 bytes) full view l wall copy.jpg (192626 bytes) Right side of Labor Wall copy.jpg (221934 bytes) over fireplace day 26.jpg (348067 bytes) Over main window copy.jpg (355521 bytes)


Dome Side Wall, Day 27:  The client wanted the side wall to have a heavy stone look that serves as a daily reminder of the difficulty she has experienced.  

  • The dark square represents the especially hard times. In the middle of the dark square, I placed a beautiful candle.  It represents "Hope."    I wanted to create something that reminds her that in the midst of all the difficulties, there is always "HOPE" that tomorrow will be better.  

  • The candle is sitting on the edge of the stone representing the edge of problems. 

  • The two large clusters of fruit represent the fruit of her labor and how difficult it was to become successful. The lighter fruit on the left represents those times that are pleasurable.  The darker fruit represents the harder times. 

  • The rope like shape extending from the candle, represents climbing up the ladder to success.  It is narrow and hard...  

  • There are two small bunches of fruit on each end of the structure.  The light colored bunch on the left  side represents, "Good".  This "Good is indicative of people in our lives that  go out of their way to ensure others become successful. On the opposite end of the structure there is a cluster of fruit painted in black. This bunch  represents "Evil."   These represent  those unsavory souls that harm your ability to succeed.   These are the are cold, dark natured people that often hide  under a beautiful facade. I always light a candle and say a prayer that God will shine his goodness upon those who are intentionally cruel to others by their actions, words or lack thereof.  

Dome side wall day 22, entry left side copy.jpg (265839 bytes)   Dome side wall day 22 , center copy.jpg (266903 bytes) Dome side wall day 22 copy.jpg (93043 bytes) Dome side wall day 22, entry right side 1 copy.jpg (278532 bytes)


These are the final photographs taken on the scaffold and on a ladder.  The dome/sky took me 11 days to complete. The wall took 27 days and 308 hours and went through a multitude of changes before it developed into what you see here.  I hope that the finale result gives the client years of pleasure and that she always remembers the journey we took in creating this piece.  I especially hope she remembers the last day when the scaffold was cleaned of all my supplies and we sat there looking at the mural. 

  Dome side wall copy.jpg (93450 bytes)  labor wall copy small.jpg (217834 bytes) Dome side wall columns last day copy.jpg (184642 bytes) Dome side wall day 27 the end copy.jpg (97011 bytes) Dome side wall last day copy.jpg (88608 bytes)


 (Her guardian Angels...)

  Dome wall over window cropped.jpg (140300 bytes)  

Guardian Angels

Dome & Wall day 27 copy.jpg (107516 bytes)

Early Morning Sky

Dome and wall last day copy.jpg (91211 bytes)

Early Morning Sky

 The sky, is an early morning sky.  It represents a new beginning, and the promise of a new day. Filiz, I hope that it has all the beauty you hoped it would have and so much more.   




One of the absolute highlights of this project was the pleasure of getting to know the crew at CMSI construction building company in Pompano Beach, FL.  Not only were they a pleasure, but they also constructed a beautiful 6 million dollar building.   If you are ever in need of an excellent builder, I highly recommend  CMSI.   And Steve H, if you do not have a builder yet for your new bank yet,  give the owner/ Ed a call at CMSI (954) 978-8000. You will love their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, professionalism and philosophy that the customer always comes first.  Plus they are in your area...