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Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin

Frequently Asked Questions:

Since most people have a lot of questions about murals, we have included the following section of FAQ's for your perusal.  If your question is not amongst these, please feel free to visit our Request page and send us your questions.  

  • What constitutes a "mural"?

A mural by definition is a painting that is done directly on a wall regardless of size or paint used by the artist. There is some controversy in the art world today about murals that are first painted on canvas then glued to walls.  Some believe that a mural on canvas is not a mural but instead it is a painting.  My personal feeling is that because the painting is attached with glue to the wall, that it then becomes hand painted canvas that is hung like wall paper.  However, should the artist or contractor glue canvas to a wall, then paint on the canvas, it is a mural.  (A mural is a painting that is created directly on a wall, the surface of the wall matters not.)

  • Can A Mural Be Painted On Any Surface?

Yes!  Murals can be painted on a numerous surfaces ranging from concrete to wood, wallboard to canvas and even on certain types of wall paper. The possibilities are absolutely endless!  


  • How Long Does It Take To Paint A Mural?

Painting a mural can take from anywhere from one day to several months depending on size and detail in the painting.  



  • Do I Need To Get A Building Permit?

No. To have a mural painted, you will not need to obtain a "city building permit." However, if you are painting a public mural, chances are strong you will not only need to obtain a permit, but you will also need to present to the City Council for their approval.  


  • Will A Mural Increase The Value Of My Home?  

Yes! The value of a building will increase with at least the value of the commissioned mural providing it is painted directly on the wall surface.  


  • Should I Ask My Interior Designer To Be At The First Meeting?

Though this is a personal decision, working with a professional interior designer is advisable because they can properly coordinate furniture, carpet, window treatments, etc. with the mural. 


  • How Much Does A Mural Cost?  

A custom hand painted mural's cost depends upon several factors: Size, Complexity, Location, Surface, Detail and type of paint (Oil or Acrylic Paint). I enjoy both mediums, however it takes me twice as long to paint with oil paint as it does painting with acrylic paint. Oil paint is also more expensive than acrylic paint.  To give you an idea of cost...an 8x10' wall that is fairly detailed will run between $5,000 and $7,000. The lower amount for an interior flat surface wall and the higher amount for an exterior heavily textured wall. For a general square foot price, please take a look at this International Mural Price List INTERNATIONAL MURAL PRICING CHART

Contracting A Muralist & Sample of Contract

Contracting a muralist requires courage, confidence and knowledge of what you want and what you should expect from the painter. It is important to know what type of mural will best fit in your home or commercial building. If you are unsure, we highly recommend working with an Interior Designer who can help you coordinate the mural's theme and colors with your  furniture and accessories. However, if you prefer to decorate your walls without the advice of an Interior Designer, it might comfort you to know that Tamara  has worked with General Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects and Corporations since 1986. She fully understands the importance of harmonizing artwork with a rooms ambiance and décor and would be happy to help you make decisions in this area. 


Contracting Tamara

  • Tamara would be pleased to visit your home or office to discuss your decorating needs and various costs in commissioning a mural.


  • Developing design ideas for the mural wall. Any photographs or magazine clippings of specific images that we can base the design on, is welcomed.


  • Once the idea is set, digital photographs of your room will be taken to  coordinate the mural with its contents, existing colors and textures (i.e. furniture, current wall colors, artwork, carpet, window treatments, etc  


  • Measurements will be taken and decisions made on any architectural changes, or details, that may be required. (I.e. wall preparation, scaffolds, lighting etc.  


  • A custom mural can be created on any interior or exterior wall surface. I use acrylic paints with long lasting coatings to ensure that the unique artwork will endure the elements for years to come. These paints are not harmful to children and can be washed with water and light soap. 


  • Sometimes clients prefer to have their custom mural finished on canvas instead of directly on the walls surface. Accommodations can be made for this request as well. I will paint  the mural on canvas and ship it to any destination. A professional wall paper hanger will be able to install the mural.  


  • Artistic Murals is dedicated to providing the best service and highest quality artwork. Your satisfaction with the finale results is of utmost importance! We will  not finish until you are completely satisfied with the mural.   Sample contract


By commissioning me to create a mural or painting, you may rest  assured that you have  hired a professional, accomplished, master painter and muralist who is able to work effectively in most styles ranging from Realism to Cubism and in any pallet.   I have  painted rooms ranging from small bathrooms to large commercial establishments and on every kind of surface imaginable.  Painting is my passion, my life and what I love doing most.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I hope it has helped answer your questions, if not please feel free to give me a call at: 727-809-0606.

Have a wonderful day,