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Welcome to the Artistic Murals :

City Of New Port Richey, Florida Page!  


"Treasured Memories Of New Port Richey"  

This title is dedicated to special the visitors and citizens of New Port Richey.

I am honored to have won this commission and I loved painting the mural!            

The mural depicts the City Of New Port Richey during the 1920s.  All buildings in this mural actually existed, only not necessarily on this main street.  I used my artistic license to create a street of my own full of historic buildings that were important during the 1920s.  To see photographs and learn more about the history of New Port Richey, take a moment to visit: http://www.rootsweb.com/~flwphs/mural.html



Size: 12' x 48'  Medium: Mann Brothers Theme 100% Acrylic Paint.  

Completion time: 33 days 

(Located on "The Karl Reef" wall on Main Street & Grand Blvd.)

New Port Richey was known as "Little Hollywood" during the 1920's, because of this 

Street view c.jpg (127595 bytes) NPR  poster.jpg (75473 bytes) npr charlie c.jpg (87184 bytes) mural6 web.jpg (342165 bytes) Bob Langford, Ginny Miller & Dan Tipton.jpg (120649 bytes) Councilman Bob Langford, Ginny Miller & Mayor Dan Tipton mural2.jpg (25803 bytes) Tamara, Joe Karl & Mayor Dan Tipton

Photograph by: Jeff Miller

npr dedication plaque.jpg (105704 bytes) Dedication 2/19/ 2005



NOVEMBER 17, 2004

NPR 2 c.jpg (155314 bytes)

Left end of mural.

Jackson and Cubby.jpg (360630 bytes)

My nephew Jackson & Cubby.  Cubby still lives in NPR


fish vertical c.jpg (272315 bytes) new area with poppies c.jpg (184966 bytes) Male and Female c.jpg (71294 bytes)

Gloria Swanson's first film. She lived in NPR during the 20s


Michelle c.jpg (93780 bytes)

Mrs. Karl (She made a great model for the mural)

Michelle.jpg (623383 bytes) Mary c.jpg (107865 bytes)

1920s film star Mary Pickford

Mary & Michelle npr 1c.jpg (55047 bytes)

Mary & Michelle wearing typical dresses from the 1920s. I found the outfits in a great magazine that Jeannine Humphrey loaned to me.  Thanks Jeannine!  



Grandmother and grandchild reading c.jpg (109553 bytes)

Joe Karl's Mother & daughter.

Charlie's cat... Charlie manages the Sun Coast Theater that was once the Thomas Meighan Theater.

Books in window c.jpg (100437 bytes)

Each book title depicts a person of importance that lived in New Port Richey during the 1920s. 

(my camera was crooked)

CNPR Day 29 (5) c.jpg (117398 bytes)

If I left anyone out, please let me know and I'll add another book.

Finale Day 32  c.jpg (115108 bytes)

The clock reads 10:20 which is significant because I started painting the mural on 10/20/04.


T's street CNPR.jpg (121984 bytes)

Charlie Chaplin. Though he did not live in NPR, he did visit and was an important actor during the silent film era.

Center of Street copy.jpg (121646 bytes)

There is dot at the end of this street which served as my vantage point. Everything in the entire mural was drawn from that single point. 



Mary Pickford.jpg (78155 bytes)

Thomas Meighan opened up the first theater in New Port Richey

Charlie and Mary c.jpg (256022 bytes)

I wanted to personalize this mural, so if you look closely you will numbers on license plates that are real numbers...Ask Charlie at the theater what they mean.

Bill in front of NPR wall c.jpg (232919 bytes)

Bill worked at the Karl Reef and out of kindness, brought me coffee nearly every day.  His is dearly missed.

Poster Swanson c.jpg (70396 bytes) This poster is of Gloria Swanson's last movie. Her home was located on the Coty River and is still there even today..


 I am proud to say that I have finished creating my first Government Commission; an honor that I won after 

competing in a national search that the City Of New Port Richey’s Art Council conducted to find the “perfect artist”

to create their first public mural.  For this honor, I promised to give the city my sincere effort in creating a scene 

that reflects the genre of New Port Richey in the 1920’s.  Now that the wall is completed,  it is my sincere hope 

that the New Port Richey Art Council Members, City Council Members, Citizens, Visitors and Mr. & Mrs. Karl, 

(owners of The Karl Reef) are pleased with the end result.   I have immensely enjoyed painting for you!

                                                                                                    God bless you and your loved ones, 


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