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Artistic Murals by Tamara Gerkin



KOA Fiesta Key, Florida







Day 1: I painted blue primer on all three white walls to ensure that the mural would adhere to the under painting.


Indoor shots 2 032.jpg (1653850 bytes)     koa pool day 1 2 052.jpg (30554 bytes)


Day 2: I spent the day blocking in basic shapes and overall compositional design.       


pool day 2.jpg (36537 bytes)      koa day 2  2 055.jpg (31323 bytes)      KOA Pool Day 3 006.jpg (26491 bytes)


Day 3 & 4: Under the protection of an umbrella, I developed the painting in sectional stages.



KOA Pool Day 4 & 5 006.jpg (55253 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_3_003.jpg (40305 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 4 & 5 007.jpg (43176 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 4 & 5 003.jpg (32936 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 4 & 5 002.jpg (36480 bytes) KOA Pool Day 4 & 5 004.jpg (37625 bytes)  


Day 5: I'm terribly sun-burnt after spending 10-12 hours in the hot tropical sun despite using SPF Sunscreen   and trying my best to stay under the umbrella. I was grateful for the occasional dip in the KOA pool.



KOA Pool Day 6 001.jpg (46920 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 6 002.jpg (40911 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 6 003.jpg (45920 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 6 004.jpg (81513 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 6 009.jpg (49015 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 6 007.jpg (35905 bytes)


Days 6 & 7: I blocked in Larry's Grouper to show it exiting a hole in the reef & the spotted Moray eel.


KOA Pool Day 7 003.jpg (49912 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 7 002.jpg (63904 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 7 008.jpg (37126 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_7_007.jpg (1693613 bytes)


Days 8: Unfortunately I had not learned how to use my new digital camera so the color is not reflective of the actual colors. 


KOA Pool Day 8 & 9 006.jpg (46545 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 8 & 9 008.jpg (60885 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 10 001.jpg (67538 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 8 & 9 005.jpg (37286 bytes)


Day 9: Continued refining the Grouper and various parts of the mural. 


KOA Pool Day 10 007.jpg (50106 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 10 010.jpg (39113 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 10 012.jpg (29244 bytes)    KOA Pool Day 10 013.jpg (41668 bytes)   


Day 10 - 11 


KOA_Pool_Day_13__14_009.jpg (1693586 bytes)     KOA_Pool_Day_11_002.jpg (1843508 bytes)     KOA Pool Day 12 002.jpg (1895302 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_11_011.jpg (1704343 bytes)   KOA_Pool_Day_12_001.jpg (1775522 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 12 003.jpg (898844 bytes)


Day 12 - 14: The Dolphin Wall 


KOA_Pool_Day_13__14_004.jpg (1685462 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_13__14_005.jpg (1582981 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_13__14_003.jpg (1648886 bytes)    KOA_Pool_Day_11_020.jpg (1891454 bytes)  


 Day 15: Adjusting the position of the Dolphin's and finishing the wall.


 KOA Pool Day 15  013.jpg (37391 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 15 012.jpg (56624 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 15 011.jpg (59683 bytes)  


Day 16: Once the Dolphin wall was complete, I was able to finish the corner section by Tom's visiting "Maine" Lobster and Larry's Grouper. 


KOA Pool Day 16 005.jpg (72008 bytes)   KOA Pool Day 16 006.jpg (73526 bytes)


Day 17, The last day: I spent this day moving up and down the wall, adding stronger color and enhancing different sections of the painting.   I also discovered that by using the "Auto" adjustment on my camera that I was able to capture close to the actual color in the painting.  


KOA Pool Day  finale pictures copy 020.jpg (35665 bytes)   KOA_Pool_Day__finale_pictures_copy_018.jpg (590378 bytes)   KOA Pool Maine Lobster copy.jpg (119574 bytes)   view with shark copy.jpg (44476 bytes)   KOA Pool Day  finale pictures  copy 015.jpg (70316 bytes) 


KOA Green eel with fish main wall copy.jpg (74928 bytes)   finale grouper, lobster & eel copy.jpg (83939 bytes)


Last 58' wall...Marina End Of Pool  (I will be returning on 1/5/03 to finish this wall and also paint a tropical landscape mural on the wall below the pool that faces the Harbor.) 


KOA Marina End Pool copy.jpg (78454 bytes)   KOA Sailfish copy.jpg (65303 bytes)  


Front Entry KOA Sign:  What a challenging fun job this turned out to be!  

Painting the entryway KOA sign proved to be a great project that required skills far beyond being able to create murals.  For instance, I discovered that hanging out of a Cherry Picker cage nearly 30’ in the air as I stretched to reach areas that the cage did not reach, all the while smacking “No-See-Ums” off my skin, was a delightful challenge.  One that only 6 figures could get me to ever repeat again despite the fact that I “walked” away very pleased with the end results.


KOA Sign T in Cherry Picker.jpg (65796 bytes)   KOA Sign Entry Road Side copy.jpg (63430 bytes)   KOA sign copy.jpg (64838 bytes)   


January 7-11: I have finished the interior swimming pool walls and can now go on to the next projects. 


KOA Pool Marina End Sunny 007.jpg (73209 bytes)    Sailfish.jpg (58123 bytes)    KOA Pool Sailfish.jpg (63703 bytes)    Marina End Wall.jpg (90115 bytes)    KOA Pool Marina End Turtle & Reef.jpg (69666 bytes)  


January 12th:  Though I vowed to never paint another sign, I ended up painting one anyway. I guess it just goes to show, "Never say Never."  This sign will go over the KOA "Beach House Grill and Pub."  Once it is finished, the image will be placed on T-Shirts and sold to KOA guests.  From what I understand, if you wear the shirt to the Grill & Pub, you will be able to enjoy Happy Hour prices on your drinks all night long.  And by the way... If you haven't been to the Beach House Grill & Pub, take it from me, you are missing out on a fantastic time!  They have live entertainment that plays a variety of great dance music Wednesday thru Sunday.  You can either sit and listen, or get out on the floor and dance like no body is watching. I hope that you let the tropical island sounds lead you to where perfect synchronization is abundant and happiness is laced with infinity... Today, tomorrow and always.



Meet Mssssss. Sydney Snake: Msss Sidney Snake copy.jpg (69261 bytes)This adorable creature is a collaboration of Dianne, Sheila & I.  Dianne came up with this great idea to turn a boring PVC pipe into a snake.  From there, she and her husband Denny made the head out of a plastic milk bottle, then Dianne painted the base color green while I was back in Tampa during the holiday.  When I returned, both Sheila and Dianne talked me into helping out.  Now in case none of you know Sheila and Dianne, they are the kind of women that makes it difficult to say no to.  I think it was something in the "Please help" that softened my heart. Or perhaps it had to do with how much effort she had already put into the snake that made me want to help.  Nevertheless, I dove in head first just as I always do and managed to create a fun piece of art for others to enjoy.  However, this could not have been accomplished without Sheila or Dianne.  Sheila made sure that we brought Sydney to perfection, all the while mumbling something about "I want a Gecko like that on my fence..."  Dianne painted the bow and yellow stripes, while insisting that she couldn't paint.  And I simply had fun doing what I love to do... paint and laugh!  Thanks ladies, I had a great time working with you! As we all agreed, together we created the sexiest snake on this side of the border!  I can still hear Dianne singing, "I'm too sexy for my skin..." 


All paintings and images are Tamara Gerkin's original artwork. Copying or reproducing paintings, photographs, prints or poetry at www.ArtisticMurals.com website without written consent of the owner, is strictly prohibited.  If you have any questions, please send an  E-Mail or call at: 727-809-0606,  Hudson, FL  

Original artworks by: Tamara GerkinCopyright © 1999-2012 by Artistic Murals/ Tamara Gerkin. All rights reserved.