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Marine Life



   Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin 

Welcome to the KOA Fiesta Key Exterior Pool Wall Archive Page...

 AKA: The Sunken Ship Wall 

The following photographs document each stage of the KOA Fiesta Key exterior swimming pool wall mural: Each wall begins by covering the entire wall with blue tinted Exterior Latex Wall Primer.  After the primer sufficiently dries for 24 hours, I use a #8 filbert brush to sketch in various compositional elements and shapes. From this point on only "Professional Quality" Fine Art Acrylic paints are used.  

All though I had anticipated painting the exterior pool wall facing the Harbor when I returned to Fiesta Key several days ago, Tom had other plans for my time...  And I'm so glad that he did because I'm having a blast painting the main exterior wall that faces the Marina, Campground and RV area.

(Please click on images to see larger picture)

Day One: Transformation from a brown wall to a blue primed wall.

KOA Ext Wall Pool Day 1.jpg (476511 bytes)

Day Two:  Once the primer dried for 24 hours, I began laying out basic design elements including fish, coral and light/dark patterns.  This projected presents a special challenge due to numerous Palm Trees that are in front of the wall.   I am strategically placing key shapes that will enhance the landscape and create interest for the viewer regardless of where they are standing or from what distance.

KOA Exterior Main Wall  3-18.jpg (253374 bytes)    KOA Farewell Party and walls 007.jpg (1736408 bytes)

Day Three: Continuation of drawing and refining shapes.  My goal is to make each fish have its own distinctive personality, even if it means that I must exaggerate their expressions and color.

KOA Ext Main Wall 3-19.jpg (358455 bytes)    KOA main exterior pool wall Day 4.jpg (219346 bytes)   (Several of these first day images will not in-large, please accept my apology for this mishap. My laptop had a slight accident and is in the shop, which means I cannot access the file to fix these problems. However, the last group of thumbnail photographs are working correctly, so feel free to click on them to see a larger picture.)

Day Four: Painting and posing for photographs to give you an idea of scale.  

 KOA T Painting Exterior Wall copy.jpg (97004 bytes)    KOA_T_by_Exterior_Main_Wall.jpg (289038 bytes)

Day Five: Adding Fish and refining shapes.

KOA main exterior pool wall D-5.jpg (458009 bytes)    KOA main exterior pool wall Day 5.jpg (575995 bytes)   

Day Six: Creating movement in light and dark areas. (These shots were taken in the evening using flash.)

KOA main exterior pool wall 026 Day 6.jpg (418713 bytes)    KOA main exterior pool wall Day 6.jpg (399862 bytes)    

Day's ?:  I have lost track of the sequence from this point on. Nevertheless, the following photographs depict several phases of this mural at different stages of completion.  I hope to return to this amazing paradise to finish the "Sunken Ship Wall" mural sometime in July.  (This group of thumbnails is working properly...)

KOA Tamara's Ship Wall copy 067.jpg (393310 bytes)    KOA Entire Ship Wall copy 002.jpg (542281 bytes)    

KOA 1st section ship wall copy 030.jpg (496351 bytes)    KOA Beginings of a giant angle fish 002.jpg (441079 bytes)   

 KOA Box Fish Sketched In 002.jpg (435156 bytes)    KOA Box Fish 046.jpg (456249 bytes)    KOA Clow and Snapper 042.jpg (422387 bytes)   

Day 19: I was not able to finish this wall due to a trip to Hawaii.  However, I am planning on returning to Fiesta Key in June.

 KOA Ship Wall with C Fish 026.jpg (515987 bytes)    KOA Ship Wall Salt Water Catfish copy 002.jpg (545435 bytes)    KOA Exterior Pool Wall copy 024.jpg (436481 bytes)    KOA main exterior pool wall right end copy 002.jpg (489078 bytes)

Days 20-24:  My focus this trip is  to finish painting the exterior ship wall.  

Shark on Ext Wall.jpg (89061 bytes)    fan coral copy.jpg (77461 bytes)    coral ext.jpg (54927 bytes)    angel fish ext.jpg (82175 bytes)   

Day 25-26:  Detailing the foreground with coral and smaller fish.

 Box fish copy.jpg (102112 bytes)      Angel Fish copy.jpg (46829 bytes)     Full wall copy.jpg (100554 bytes)