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Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin

Step By Step Process 

City Of New Port Richey, Florida

September 17, 2004

Day 1: My special thanks to Mark Peterson and his crew from Color Rite Painting and Stucco Co. for doing a great job on resurfacing the wall!  If anyone is  looking for a company that is dependable and good, give Mark a call at 727-514-4753.

Newly refinished wall copy.jpg (153416 bytes)  

Day 2: Three days later... The newly resurfaced wall had a coat of water proofing applied.  This water proofing will help keep the PH balance in check. 

Day 3:  After the surface cured for 7 days, I used a concrete bonding agent to seal along the bottom edge, window seals and outside edges of the wall..  This non porous product that will help strengthen the edges and prevent water from seeping into the concrete along the sidewalk and at the window seals.  

Day 7:  (9-23-04)  I've applied a heavy coat of PH inhibiting primer that will serve as a block between the new surface and the mural.  Though this is back breaking job on a wall this size, it is perhaps the most important stage in painting a mural.  After this layer cured, I gave the wall a second coat.   The primer is a black and white gray that I had custom mixed at Sherwin Williams and will serve as an excellent base color for the mural.

Newly Primed Wall.jpg (127075 bytes)      Newly Primed Wall long view copy.jpg (106916 bytes)

Day 8:  9-25-04:  5:31 AM...Hurricane Jeanne is arriving to Pasco County in a few hours, which is where I live.  This is our 4th hurricane in 6 weeks.   My heart and prayers go out to all that have suffered greatly from these vicious storms.  For my friends and family in and near West Palm Beach, I pray that you and your families are all right.  Please call me ASAP.  


As you watch this mural grow, please know that I do not use a projector or any other means beyond freehand drawing to create the mural.  Because of this, you most likely will not see an exact reproduction of the small painting. There will be areas that I  intentionally change for the sake of the mural, because what may work on a small scale, may not look so great on a large scale. However, the basic genre, theme and composition will remain the same...  


 Painting Day 1& 2: (Primer & light sketching)          Newly Primed Wall long view copy.jpg (106916 bytes)  

Painting Day 3: (Blocking in large areas of color)       CNPR Full Day 2.jpg (135441 bytes)      CNPR R-side Day.jpg (146786 bytes)


Painting Day 4: (More blocking in of major shapes)   Women day 4 c.jpg (128478 bytes)       from street day 4 c.jpg (184122 bytes)     


Painting Day 5: ( More sketching in basic shapes and applying the base color.) 

  Full view day 5 c.jpg (151133 bytes)   left side day 5 c.jpg (141502 bytes)    center day 5 c.jpg (122061 bytes)   right female day 5 c.jpg (72967 bytes)    right side day 5 c.jpg (123445 bytes)

Painting Day 6:       CNPR Day 6 (2) c.jpg (236830 bytes)      CNPR Day6 (1) c.jpg (81172 bytes)

Painting Day 7:      CNPR Day 7 (2) c.jpg (206042 bytes)     CNPR Day 7 (4) c.jpg (104474 bytes)


Painting Day 8:      CNPR Day 8 (1) c.jpg (193411 bytes)      CNPR Day 8 (7) c.jpg (118950 bytes)     CNPR Day 8 (5) c.jpg (133622 bytes)    

From this stage on I will be refining the composition, color and shapes, as well as adding detail to objects.  Due to the wind blowing so briskly, I've started refining the sky and distant buildings, trees and road.  (The wind has a tendency to blow the paint right off my brush onto areas of the mural that I had no intention of splattering with paint.)

Hey...what happened to Day 9?  I'll figure this over the weekend...


Painting Day 10:     CNPR Day 10 (8) c.jpg (212184 bytes)     CNPR Day 10 (15) c.jpg (115126 bytes)     CNPR Day 10 (16) c.jpg (111370 bytes)   Since Gloria Swanson owned a home in New Port Richey, these posters will serve as a tribute of sorts to her.  I've decided to not use the Charlie Chaplin poster that I originally depicted  in the small painting, but will instead paint a full size figure of Chaplin complete with walking stick, floppy shoes and dark suit.   


Painting Day 11:    CNPR Day 11 (2) c.jpg (98886 bytes)    CNPR Day 11 c.jpg (112838 bytes)   Each stage gets a little closer to the finish line.  Once I'm satisfied with the pictorial image, I'll paint in all the titles and words that go on the signs and posters.


Painting Day 12:    CNPR Day 12 (1) c.jpg (199668 bytes)    CNPR Day 12 (6) c.jpg (205272 bytes)  

( I've changed the design of the white dress into more of a Flapper's evening dress.  The dress she had on was simply too heavy and not fun enough at this scale.)  

                               CNPR Day 12 (7) c.jpg (216436 bytes)    CNPR Day 12 (8) c.jpg (238485 bytes)     

(This Mother and Child will serve as a lead in to the mural as well as depict family devotion during the 1920's. )

Painting Day 13:   CNPR Day 13 (3) c.jpg (110325 bytes)   CNPR Day 13 (4) c.jpg (120584 bytes)   CNPR Day 13 (5) c.jpg (112007 bytes)   CNPR Day 13 (6) c.jpg (99977 bytes)   CNPR Day 13 (7) c.jpg (121676 bytes)   CNPR Day 13 c.jpg (207377 bytes)

( Close-ups of all the figures and car, each will be refined more and more with each layer of paint.)

Painting Day 14:  CNPR Day 14 c.jpg (242343 bytes)   CNPR Day 14 (3) c.jpg (206273 bytes)   CNPR Day 14 (5) c.jpg (222541 bytes)   

Painting Day 15, Oct. 19, 2004:  President Bush visits New Port Richey!   Since I desperately needed to paint I opted to pass up the opportunity to attend his pep-rally at Sims Park, which is located one half block from the mural wall.  As luck would have it, I was forced to close up shop for a few hours, however, I was allowed to stay in the restricted area by my wall, which gave me an excellent view of President Bush and his entourage who ended up stopping for about 15 minutes in front of my mural.

CNPR Day 15, Bush Day c.jpg (130015 bytes)   Day 15, Oct c.jpg (252311 bytes)   1922 Model T Ford c.jpg (243734 bytes)


       Pres. Bush 10-19-04 c.jpeg (215399 bytes)        Pres. Bush 10-19-04 New Port Richey, FL (10).JPG (1474235 bytes)  President Bush's bus with his happy Secret Service men, one of which smiled for my camera... I think that President Bush was near one of the windows getting a better look at the mural.  Too bad they wouldn't let him off the bus... Nevertheless, the thrill ranked right up there with the day I spent with Wayland and Jessie on their bus, meeting Tanya Tucker backstage at her concert in Phoenix, and spending time with Johnny Cash!  At least they let me have photographs with them... Hey, maybe the President will make it up to me by allowing me to paint a mural in the White House, now wouldn't that be an experience of a lifetime? 

Day 16, No call from the President today, maybe tomorrow:  Today I started refining or rather painting in the faces and defining the red dress.  During the finale stage of the mural, I'll go through and put finishing touches on both faces. 

Day 16 c.jpg (113144 bytes)    closeup of Mary c.jpg (98889 bytes)    M Day 16 c.jpg (114297 bytes)    Blue_eyes_face_copy.jpg (20547 bytes)

Painting Day 17:  Close up of lady with red hat 2 c.jpg (165411 bytes)    Day 17 2 women c.jpg (103012 bytes)    Charlie c.jpg (218729 bytes)    Charlie close c.jpg (232617 bytes)  (In my original color sketch I had a movie poster depicting Charlie Chaplin sitting down.   I decided that since he was such an important actor during this period, that he would be better represented as a full figure in a typical pose wearing his floppy shoes, false eyebrow and holding his notorious cane. I feel that the addition of Charlie in this pose adds to the fun quality of the mural, don't you agree?  In addition to painting Charlie, I used my fine art acrylic paint to refine the face of the women with the red hat.  Though I am becoming accustomed to the viscosity and hue changes after drying that the Mann Brothers Theme paint has, they simply cannot replace the subtle hues that my tube paint provides. )


Painting Day 18:   Day 18 2 women c.jpg (122071 bytes)    Day 16 Mary c.jpg (121134 bytes)    Day 18 close up c.jpg (113022 bytes)    Day 18 Mary's face c.jpg (119470 bytes)    Day 18 two women c.jpg (176097 bytes)

Today I dressed Mary in a dress that I found in a 1920's magazine and began finishing areas around the figures to establish low key hues in contrast with higher key hues.  

I've noticed that the comments from people driving and walking by have changed from, "You are doing a great job, to that is beautiful, thank you for painting the mural!  It is I that thanks all the citizens and visitors of downtown New Port Richey.  I greatly appreciate your kindness and support of this project.  Thank you!  Tamara 

Painting Day 19:  Day 19 c.jpg (131479 bytes)    Day 19 (6) c.jpg (215435 bytes)


Painting Day 20:   Day 20 (3) c.jpg (130758 bytes)    Day 20 (6) c.jpg (120234 bytes)    Day 20 (9) c.jpg (125940 bytes)   Day 20 c.jpg (223641 bytes)


Painting Day 21:   Day 21 (4) c.jpg (204760 bytes)    


Painting Day 22:  Day 22 arches c.jpg (129031 bytes)    Palm trees c.jpg (129151 bytes)    end of road c.jpg (134906 bytes)    Poster c.jpg (209634 bytes)    

Painting Day 23:   Day 23 window c.jpg (241773 bytes)    Can you guess what the time on the clock stands for?


Painting Day 24:  Election Night...  Charlie Chaplin c.jpg (123582 bytes)    M & M c.jpg (120768 bytes)    Michelle c.jpg (229495 bytes)


Painting Day 25:  Street c 2.jpg (120260 bytes)    cnpr c 1.jpg (119141 bytes)    Charlie and Mary c.jpg (256022 bytes)    M and M c.jpg (86830 bytes)

Painting Day 26:  Charlie's cat c.jpg (101295 bytes)    City Of New Port Richey c s.jpg (152037 bytes)    close up of GM and GD c.jpg (235474 bytes)    Michelle crop c.jpg (107853 bytes)    


Painting Day 27:  Jackson close up.jpg (311914 bytes)        Doorway books c.jpg (152864 bytes)    Mrs Karl with books.jpg (193107 bytes)    

About the books: Though the book titles are fictional, they are nevertheless about real people that lived in the area and/or made significant contributions during the 1920's.  

Painting Day 28 & 29:      Boy and dog c.jpg (192567 bytes)     middle of street c.jpg (113168 bytes)     Books c.jpg (212317 bytes)     Book window c.jpg (201960 bytes)


Painting Day 30:   The second to the last day. Jackson c.jpg (128495 bytes)     Little Jack  c.jpg (154251 bytes)     T's street c.jpg (230234 bytes)     right section c.jpg (177846 bytes)                 

                                                                              Michelle with misquito on her face.jpg (169693 bytes)  (Check out the mosquito on Michelle's face...)  


For those of you that do not live in this area, there is a river called the Coty River that runs through New Port Richey.  It is on the banks of this river that movie stars and a few other famous people owned beautiful homes.  It is also a favorite place for children and adults to fish.  




All paintings and images are Tamara Gerkin's original artwork. Copying or reproducing paintings, photographs, prints or poetry at www.ArtisticMurals.com website without written consent of the owner, is strictly prohibited.  If you have any questions, please send an  E-Mail or call at: 727-809-0606,  Hudson, FL  

Original artworks by: Tamara GerkinCopyright 1999-2012 by Artistic Murals/ Tamara Gerkin. All rights reserved.