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Artistic Murals By: Tamara Gerkin
"Painting murals since 1994"

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."   Leonardo Da Vinci  


Tropical Marine Life and Coral Reef Murals



"Family Portrait Murals"

New Port Richey, FL

Lynn & Brad's Happy Days, Hudson, FL

Based on a 1950s theme in their entertainment room.




"Public Murals"

"Treasured Memories Of New Port Richey"

New Port Richey, Florida's 1st mural

Tamara, Joe Karl and Mayor Dan Tipton

Photographs By: John Tischner

1920s mural for the

City Of New Port Richey, FL

(First public mural)



(Third New Port Richey, FL Public Mural)

1920s Theme Mural for Mr. & Mrs. William Bissi,

Mural 15'x52'


"First & third New Port Richey Historical Mural"

Thank you Jeff Miller and everyone at the Historical Society for all your hard work in posting fantastic photographs at your website! I spent hundreds of hours researching the 1920s for this mural, most of the images used came from your website!


THANK YOU for visiting Artistic Murals website!


What is a mural? A mural by definition is a painting that is done directly on a wall regardless of size or paint used by the artist. There is some controversy in the art world today about murals that are first painted on canvas then glued to walls.  Some believe that a mural on canvas is not a mural but instead it is a painting.  My personal feeling is that because the pre finished painting is attached to a wall with glue, that it falls in the catagory of hand painted wall paper.  On the other hand, if the artist first glues canvas to a wall, then creates the mural, it is considered a mural because, and here is they key...the image is painted directly on the wall.   With that said...





I paint, sculpt and truly enjoy meeting new people.


"My fist sculpture."

(Well, at least it is the first one that I created by myself.)


Mr. & Mrs. William Bissi

(Life size sculpture)




In loving memory of Mrs. William Bissi.

Trinity Memorial Gardens at New Port Richey, FL

Tribune Photo by Andy Jones

Thank you Tribune photo Andy Jones and Columnist Tom Jackson, for all the time you spent at the dedication taking photographs and talking to the family. You helped to make a special moment in everyone's lives even more memorable.


"Giving to Charity"


In Honor Of All Those Living With MS. These beautiful prints help raise funds for MSAA and would grace any wall in your home or office. Simply follow this link to add one or more to your collection: MSAA Fundraising Botanical Print Series


  Christina's Garden -Beautiful Tomorrow -Ray Of Hope

Since painting these paintings 2 of the 3 people they were dedicated to have passed away.  One, my 37 year old niece, died from complications that came from taking tysabri, which is a drug given to those with agressive MS. Tthe other died from MS complications, she was only 55. May they both rest in peace.

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.
" --Mother Teresa


Craig & Gayle Mountain

right side.JPG (151698 bytes) 

  Craig's bull rider.


Tuscany Mural   Tuscany-Mural-web.jpg (71644 bytes)

Mr. & Mrs. Duffy's Irish/Italian Family Room Mural

City Of NPR, FL Jackson 1920s mural.jpg (55701 bytes)

My nephew Jackson fishing under poster of Gloria Swanson.

Hyla DomeHyla-Angels-web.jpg (74476 bytes)

Angels on marble wall structure surrounding dome.  

ToniAnn & MikeMike_and_ToniAnn_c.jpg (61526 bytes)

Family portrait wearing Key West style clothes.

Phil & Stacie's Patio Shark_Sign_etc_1copy.jpg (390992 bytes)

Marine life underwater mural on textured patio wall. Mural contains shark, sunken ship and many other fish.

  Brief Bio & overview of what's inside...         

"Katz Memories"T Portrait Finale w1(1).jpg (321916 bytes)

In the collection of Robert Marcus

Sampson Muralpic001.jpg (47737 bytes)

Tropical landscape of Honolulu, Hawaii


Box fish over coralBox_Fish_copy.jpg (409044 bytes)

Marine life mural with various types of coral, tropical fish and a sunken ship.

Elephants & Wild Life Elephants.jpg (238982 bytes)

Where Eagles Fly Feland's Eagle copy.jpg (120143 bytes)

Bald Eagle flying over the ocean at sunset.

Jane & Charlie's wall

Right side full mural c1.jpg (120068 bytes)

Tropical landscape mural with underwater marine life mural.

All paintings and images are Tamara Gerkin's original artwork. Copying or reproducing paintings, photographs, prints or poetry at website without written
 consent of the owner, is strictly prohibited. 
If you have any questions, please send an  E-Mail or call at: 727-809-0606,  Hudson, FL  


Original artworks by: Tamara GerkinCopyright 1999-2012 by Artistic Murals/ Tamara Gerkin. All rights reserved.  

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